Name of the project : International  Children’s Drawing  Competition « Draw  Me Peace » – Edition 2018

RU-Положение-Нарисуй мне-мир-2018

This is a cultural and humanitarian project. The subject of the competition: peace, solidarity, humanity.

The aim of the project : to continue the tradition of the international annual drawing competition (since 2015) and to include in the Competition the representatives of different countries, nations, ethnicities, races, genders, religions, state of health (including handicapped children) and create among them the spirit of brotherhood, solidarity, friendship and humanity. The aim is to establish a cultural and humanitarian dialogue between children of different countries and religions on the subject of Peace and Good. This contest is a powerful symbol, a call for peace by the voice of children in a language understood by all: drawing.

Deontology: Our competition is apolitical. In the current geopolitical context, it is important for us to educate children on the themes of solidarity and friendship. So we work with them and with their parents in the name of the values of peace. The partners of the competition are companies and people who show enthusiasm for this promising project.

Organized by: NGO “Club de Chance” (France –  Georgia – Russia)

The competition is supported by the French Ambassy in Georgia, also by partners and sponsors from different countries, well known painters and public figures

The reward ceremony takes place every year in May in Paris.
In 2016 it took place in the Senate (Luxembourg garden)
In 2017 it took place in the French National Assembly (Bourbon Palace)

See the video of 2017 Award ceremony here

The jury of the competition:

Both the semi-final and the final selection is carried out by a team of 5-7 members, including professional artists, specialists in children’s drawings, as well as public characters involved in the subject of peace on earth.

Children of 3 age categories can participate in the competition:
– Children from 4 to 7 years old (‘Peace nestlings’)
– Children from 8 to 12 years old
– Teenagers from 13 to 16 years old

The drawing needs to be done on A3 paper format and then photographed in good quality. The photo format should be * JPG (* JPEG), with a resolution from 1600 to 3000, the size from 1 to 5 megabytes.

You need to fill out an application form on the site and upload the picture.


We take 1 picture from a child and a maximum of 10 works from one school. Please make your selection yourself, otherwise we will only accept the first entries, and the rest will not be selected.

Important! All the fields of the registration form must be filled in accordance with the requirements IN ENGLISH, Photo format * JPG (* JPEG), resolution from 1600 to 3000, the size is from 1 to 5 megabytes.

Application forms which do not comply with these requirements, and others specified on the registration form, will not be considered for the competition.

If you are not one of the winners and you would like to receive a participation certificate, please email us after the results announcement from March 12 to June 30, 2018 at

 Selection criteria:

  •  emotional strength – the main measure
  • originality (drawings copied from Internet or from other sources will NOT be accepted. In the case of plagiarism, the drawing will be disqualified at any stage, even after the results announcement)
  • technique: pencil, watercolour, gouache, oil painting (NOT accepted: cut out work, computer graphics, etc.
  •  compliance with the subject
  • design

The selection is carried out by the members of an international jury “blindly”: they know only the age of the children and make their choices on the principle “touched to the heart” and not necessarily by the technique used in order to ensure equal opportunities to all children even if they now draw professionally.


  • Application submission period: November, 1st 2017 to february 28th 2018 18:00 (Paris time) on the website
  • 1 to 13 March  2018 – jury for the semi-final in Russia and Georgia
  • 14 to 28 March  2018 – announcement of the results of the semi-final and the beginning of the work of the international jury
  • 1 to 10 April 2018 – posting of the competition final results on the website winners contacted by mail.
  • 10 to 30 April – semi-finalist reward ceremony, awards of the semi-final winners
  • 1 to 15 May – the final in Paris, France (the date will be communicated in March 2018 when the results will be posted on the web)
  • May 15 to June 30 – final ceremony in different countries (at the request of local organizers), distribution of awards for the winners not able to come to Paris for awards, sent in the post. Within the same period, electronic versions of the certificates will be sent to non-winning participants (on their request)

Competition Results:

– 50 international winners will be awarded with the Diploma of Honor and Award Winner Medal, also with the “Symphony of Peace” almanac with the winners’ drawings

– We will form a travelling exhibition with 50 international winners’ drawings as a symbol of peace and show it in different prestigious places such as embassies, city halls, galleries, schools, etc. in different countries

Competition mail address: